How to use PNG files in Silhouette curio

How to use PNG files in Silhouette curio

1- Open Silhouette Studio. Go to the cutting mat and change to the curio. Next Change the media size to fit the curio mat. A5 will work well.

2- With the 2 sections changed you will see that the mat on the screen now is the curio mat.

3- Select your design.

4- Select your design.

5-  When you click on send with a PNG no cut lines appear.

6- If you click on the cut lines, all you will see is cut lines around the outside edge of the PNG file.

7-  To create cut lines for your PNG file you need to select the design and then click on the trace panel.

8- Click on the trace icon and draw your trace box around your design.

9- Your design will highlight yellow. Make sure all parts are highlighted. Adjust the threshold and the high pass to make sure everything is selected. Click on trace.

10-  Your design will be traced and this will create cut lines. You can now delete the original desing if you would like too.

11-Click the send option. You will now see red cut lines for your design. If for any reason you do ont see them click on the cut icon.

12- Select the curio and then you can now set your media and cut your PNG design.

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