Product Upload

Welcome to HBFONTS! We are very glad you joined. This document will guide you through how to create a new product list at HBFONTS. Let’s start!

Before uploading a product, prepare the one below

– 1 Front image for product preview
– 3 or more images to preview product galleries
– Files that have been zipped

Note, in the zip folder only contain files from your product.
– Fonts – ttf, otf, woff, woff2 etc.
– Graphics – SVG, PNG, AI, PDS, DXF etc.

To add a new product, there are several parts that need to be filled.




1. Title Name

2.Product Image

3.Product gallery image

4.The Price You Want to Sell

5.The price you want to discount

6.Short Product Description

7.Product Categories

8.Product Tag

9.Product Description

10.product added



After heading to Part 2



1. check these two boxes

Scroll Down



1.Add Your “SKU”, To Mark Your Product
Try (Two Letters Come From Your Store Name, Three Letters Come From Your Product Name) To Be Easy To Remember, (for example “HF-NFS”

2.Add File

3.Select the File You Want to Sell, (This File Must Be Zipped, Before Uploading)

4.Save Product



For parts 1, (No.2 and 3), Part 2, (No.3)


1. Upload Pictures or Files From Your Computer

2.Choose File or Image,




After finishing everything
Your Product Is Immediately Published After Reviewed by Our Team,Thanks

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