Terms and conditions Designers

HbFonts Terms and conditions Designers


Upload Products.


  • We expect your products to be of high quality,Fonts should be free of any errors,
  • and should install without issues on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices, and functioning properly.
  • Product Image, we recommend that it is 1250 pixels wide by 830 pixels high, or with an aspect ratio of 3:2,
  • In the product image there is no URL to the website, or promotion. Do not upload images to your list, other than those related to the product.
  • Description Font must include information about your fonts, for example OpenType coding, character sets, other features, etc.
  • Description Graphic must contain information about Graphic, including the type of file that is in the download. For example: “2 SVG files, etc.


Update Products.


  • You can update products such as images, descriptions, titles and download file.
  • Remember, to update in the download file section,If your product already has sales, do not delete old file that you have uploaded, for 30 days from the date of the last sales or file from the media library.
  • You add another download file under the old file, to add a new file.


Agreement with the products.


  • If you accept one of our agreements for your product,
  • then the product must not be edited or deleted.


Price Products and Earnings.


  • The price of the product must not be too high or too low than the price you are selling in other markets, (except between $1 – $5)
  • The minimum price for graphics is $3.00
  • The minimum price for Fonts is $8.00
  • For every Product sold by the designer, the designer will receive 50%
  • Sales reports are available for viewing by designers
  • Payments will be issued every 5th of the next Month.
  • Minimum payout is $5, if anyone does not reach the minimum payout threshold, we’ll withhold payment and add it to the next month.
  • Our bundle commission will distribute according to the bundle price that we make.
  • we will explain about the bundle commission when sending an invitation to join our bundle.


All your products become your original creations.


  • The product must be original, does not belong to someone else, or does not infringe copyright
  • There are no words of language that offend others, including words that are not pleasant to hear, words of hate, words of abuse, fanatical words, words of oppression, etc.



If there are products that do not meet our Terms and Conditions, we will remove the product from the market. If designers repeatedly get errors, maybe your shop can also be deleted.

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