How to use fonts that you installed in Adobe Illustrator

Using your font in Adobe Illustrator is fairly simple.

First add your text by selecting the text tool.

Make sure to select the text you want to change. This can be the complete text or just a selection.


In the “Character” dropdown scroll to the font that you would like to use for the text and select it.

The text is changed into the new font.

Access Special Characters in Adobe Illustrator

Unlike many applications, Adobe Illustrator supports all types of fonts and comes with a handy glyphs panel. This means you don’t have to worry if a font is PUA encoded if you are going to use it with Illustrator.

In Adobe Illustrator it is very easy to get access to all the characters (glyphs) in the font.

In the “Window” menu select “Type” and in the drop down select “Glyphs”

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As you can see a beautiful glyphs panel will open which automatically shows all the characters in the font. Adobe Illustrator works with any Open Type font, even if they are not PUA encoded. You can now just double click on the glyph you want to add and it get’s added to the text.

Sometimes it can be a bit hard to view the glyphs in the glyph panel because they are too small. As you can see in the image below there is a simple way to make the glyphs appear bigger so you can see them very clearly. All you need to do is click on the icon with the 2 bigger triangles in the bottom-right corner of the glyphs panel.

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